The Project

The Calder Witch HuntBetween 1643 and 1645 at least five women from Calder were executed as witches: strangled then burned at the stake.

The Calder Witch Hunt is a community project supported by West Calder and Harburn Community Development Trust and West Lothian Museums Services. We hope to discover more about accusations of witchcraft at Calder during the 17th century, build a local history resource, provide our community with opportunities to participate, and commemorate the lives of the people who were affected.

This website sits at the heart of the project and provides information about the people who were affected by witchcraft accusations at Calder during the 1640s and the local places linked to their stories. The project also includes artwork, photography, poetry, video, workshops, pop-up exhibitions, a play, and other events.

If you would like to get involved, or would like us to work with your school or other organisation please get in touch:

Twitter @CalderWitchHunt
Facebook: The Calder Witch Hunt


  • Image
    The Calder witch hunt

    The Calder Witch Hunt by artist Caitlyn
    Bannatyne. A comic book that tells the story
    of the Calder witch hunt project.
  • Image
    Noone o’thaim witches

    Noone o’thaim witches by Caitlyn Bannatyne.
    Caitlyn’s original comic about the Scottish
    witch hunts.

Reproduction for use by schools and other non-commercial use is free and encouraged. Contact Caitlyn at Caitlyn_comics or Twitter @thaimwitches